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Your Health is Political

More than ever this is the time to be centered within your body and connected to the earth for strength and wisdom. Everything that is happening with Standing Rock and the "ethnic cleansing" talk of political powers of this nation - essentially is the historical and present day movement to kill those most connected to earth consciousness (especially natives, indigenous people, women, which ultimately leads to all of us - people of all race and genders).

Yet there are many of us that still hold dear the dignity of others, the dignity of our earth.

Many of us are awake to this, which is why many of us are shock, upset, angry during this time. This is a natural reaction and a powerful activation. However, staying in this place can also be depleting to our resources and strength, which we must protect for sustainable change. In building a sustainable movement, self-care is not an after thought - it must permeate every aspect. Taking Care of Your Health is a Political Act.

Political is Personal, no doubt which is why many of us are in pain, sick and are distraught. On the flip side, the Personal is also Political. Therefore one of the most powerful response we can take within every moment to "fight back" is by making sure we are centered and fully connected and grounded deeply into the earth with a clear mind and heart. This may be difficult for most because of how far we've gotten away from our natural state. Yes, centered, grounded, peace with clarity is our natural state, believe it or not. And from this place is where we are most powerful and creative in finding solutions to our problems.

Despite the political powers' agenda to strip us of our connection to one another and nature, taking care of ourselves and maintaining our health is a direct response to their attacks and will naturally build a more powerful movement toward our vision of a healthy world in which all can thrive. Because there is no separation between the world and those that make up the world (us) and the least we can do is take care of the one person that can change the world (you).

Heal yourself, Heal the World. - Khanie Ha, LAc, MSW

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