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7 Easy Steps To Reset Your Body Now

It is easy to get caught in daily life, in the stresses of work, caring for family, the political state of our world, the list can go on. In order to snap out of the autopilot of tension and stress, give yourself a gift of ease even for a moment. Here are some quick and easy steps to follow. 7 Easy Steps to Reset Your Body Now #lifehacks 1. Take a break from Social Media, turn off the radio, TV, phone, etc. 2. Go to Nature. Nature is the easiest way to reset your body to it's natural state of peace. 3. If you can't go to Nature, close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths, feel your feet on the ground. Do this for as long as you can, anywhere you can, as much as possible. 4. Hug a loved one. Co

Your Health is Political

More than ever this is the time to be centered within your body and connected to the earth for strength and wisdom. Everything that is happening with Standing Rock and the "ethnic cleansing" talk of political powers of this nation - essentially is the historical and present day movement to kill those most connected to earth consciousness (especially natives, indigenous people, women, which ultimately leads to all of us - people of all race and genders). Yet there are many of us that still hold dear the dignity of others, the dignity of our earth. Many of us are awake to this, which is why many of us are shock, upset, angry during this time. This is a natural reaction and a powerful activatio

How to Survive & Thrive During Difficult Times

Watch my latest video on Self Care Tips for the next four years of new president elect Trump and any other difficult times. Click image below to watch. Please share to those that may benefit from this message. Thank you!

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