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Have you noticed that different people are naturally "good" at certain things, some people are great speakers, others are great writers or singers or comedians or listeners, you get the drift. When you are "good" at something, it comes naturally and without effort. Sure some things come with practice but I'm referring to those things that even without practice, it comes easy. We all have that one thing (or many). Wu Wei 無爲 is a concept in Daoism that translates to non-doing or without effort. This may sound anti-productivity in which our society would frown upon. However, non-doing or without effort does not necessitate nothing is accomplished. Instead it is the ability of a person to be attuned with all that is, and from that, connect with their Potency to transform their desires into reality without any effort. That is being attuned with what is your gift and carrying that forth into the world. In that you benefit yourself, and all those around you. Chinese Medicine is based in Daoism and it is encouraged through meditative practice, clearing one's mind and body of the extraneous pressures, desires, judgments from others and/or self-imposed so that you can return to that state of Wu Wei. I can imagine people reading this possibly thinking, "oh another person telling me to meditate but its too hard, I can't sit still." Well meditation does not have to look like that. Really, meditative practice is simply becoming present in the moment. In Chinese medicine, we talk about "qi goes where your mind goes" - meaning where you focus your attention is where your energy is at. Therefore if you are focusing on all your worries about deadlines, pressures from your family or partner, then your energy is being used up there. If you focus your mind on your breath, or pay attention to one part of your body say your feet, there will be your energy. That's meditative. To focus your qi, your attention to where there is nothing except what is and letting go of all else that distracts you from that, brings you to the state of Wu Wei. In this state you can align with your true purpose and spontaneously and with ease, manifest your best life. ​

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