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Expanding Perspectives with Chinese Medicine 

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During these uncertain and potentially stressful times, it is even more important to have a strong foundation for immune health and resilience. Traditional Chinese Medicine recommends living within the rhythm of the day with increase activity (most productive time for mental and physical work) during daylight, and decreasing activity as the sun sets. In addition routine and consistency in eating, exercise and sleep will further create stability for your body to thrive. 3

Key simple things to do starting today:

1. Eating at regularly scheduled times: -Large breakfast in early morning -Medium Lunch mid-day -Light Dinner in early evening

2. Exercise during day light instead of evening when your body should be winding down to sleep.

3. Sleeping at night especially between 11pm-3am.

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Acupuncture originated from Chinese Medicine centuries ago in order to help people maintain optimal health. Modern science has confirm the efficacy of acupuncture in reducing pain and stress in the physical body as well as for mental health. It also helps to improve digestion, regulate hormones, reduce blood pressure, support fertility in both men and women and much more. Each needle is used only once and disposed immediately safely into a FDA approved sharps container. Licensed acupuncturists have expertise in locating and safely inserting acupuncture needles to the appropriate depth and retention time for maximal clinical benefit.

PLEASE NOTE FOR YOUR SAFETY: Acupuncture should only be performed by a state Licensed Acupuncturist. All licensed acupuncturists have passed state / national board exams and have graduated from nationally accredited schools with minimum of 3 years of intensive training consisting of Traditional Chinese Medical theory, clinical diagnosis/treatment, and western biomedical sciences, and ethics. Comment below if you have any questions and suggestions for topics you want me to cover in future videos. Please subscribe, like and share to help others learn as well. Thank you! #acupuncture #chinesemedicine #fixmypain

As many of you have heard about the tragic news of the Oakland Ghost Ship Fire that took many precious lives on Friday night of 12-2-16. The fire was about one mile from our clinic here at Cotton Mills Studios. Many people were impacted by this lost including me, the Bay area may be large, but communities overlap and friends of mine have either directly lost a loved one or are 1-2 degrees separated from one or more of the souls that were in the fire. These times have been difficult and dark for many and in grief, so much love and light have also poured out in support of one another. Cherishing the lives that touched so many, and as hard as it may be, to appreciate the mysterious ways that universe conspires to highlight the beauty of life in the most tragic events. I created this video with the wise words of Gandhi in hopes of bringing light to darkness.

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