Expanding Perspectives with Chinese Medicine 

December 10, 2016

As many of you have heard about the tragic news of the Oakland Ghost Ship Fire that took many precious lives on Friday night of 12-2-16.  The fire was about one mile from our clinic here at Cotton Mills Studios.  Many people were impacted by this lost including me, the...

December 7, 2016

Black sesame is a tonic for winter, if you crave ice cream during this season, might as well eat one that is good for you.

November 11, 2016

Watch my latest video on Self Care Tips for the next four years of new president elect Trump and any other difficult times. Click image below to watch. Please share to those that may benefit from this message.  Thank you!

October 25, 2016

Drinking hot water does tremendous for your health. To learn why, click below image to watch my video on this. Enjoy!

September 26, 2016

Quickie overview of Chinese Herbal Medicine and highlighting Ginger as one of them! I talk about what ginger is good for, why it is used in combination with certain foods and more! Check it out! 

September 21, 2016

Why things may be off in your world? No worries, the universe has your back. 

March 28, 2016

Have you noticed that different people are naturally "good" at certain things, some people are great speakers, others are great writers or singers or comedians or listeners, you get the drift. When you are "good" at something, it comes naturally and without effort.  Su...

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